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Deep Dive #2 – Anthony Pateras “Collected Works: 2002-2012” 5CD box set

Anthony Pateras is one of Australia’s most significant new music composer of the last two decades. Shame File Music makes available all of his in-print releases, including those from his Immediata label (including collaborations with Chris Abrahams (176), Erkki Veltheim, Jerome Noetinger, Pateras/Baxter/Brown, Rohan Drape, and Mike Patton (tetema). The Himalayan giants that stand within that landscape are the two “Collected Works” 5CD box sets, each accompanied with detailed liner notes. “Collected Works” documents the many aspects of Pateras’ music output, including chamber and orchestra pieces, string quartets and small ensembles, as well as electronic works and prepared piano. Listening alongside Pateras’ detailed and revealing (and occasionally self-critical) liner notes is a deep dive itself his music.

Use the code PATERAS for 10% off Anthony Pateras-related releases (expires 13 June 2022). As always, free postage for orders within Australia over $100.

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Deep Dive #1 – Von Einem “The Von Einem Tapes” 2CD

The Von Einem Tapes collects the full discography of Mark Groves’ Von Einem solo project, released on several short-run cassettes from 2011-2014. The resulting 2 CDs represent an impressive minimalistic power electronics collection. The Von Einem project takes its subject matter from various documented acts of depravity purported around Adelaide and South Autralia – not just related to the murders that the project name references, but also numerous documented instances of murders committed by police officers. The Von Einem canon is a taut, focussed conceptual work that alludes to themes of dole-class drug cultures and ennui as gateways to violence for its own sake. Groves holds his sonic weapons close to his chest; there are none of the walls of white noise you’ve heard a million times before here. Instead, each blast and clang is laden with foreboding and dread meaning.

Groves has several solo and collaborative projects under different monikers. This aspect is not to be confused with more typical multitude of identities common in noise-related music, but a series of discrete projects often centred on specific textual sources; Absurd Cosmos Late Nite seems to source overheard conversations in local convenience stores alongside YouTube comments and workplace tearoom rants, whilst Red Wine and Sugar (Groves’ duo with Samaam Fieck) draws on suburban uber-mundanity and psychological breakdown. Where projects like Von Einem and Dead Boomers (in collaboration with Leith Thomas) employed aspects of harsh noise and power electronics, these more recent outings are more low-key sonic affairs, but somehow still intense and riveting. Groves’ output has become a unique voice in underground music, constantly shifting and developing, but always essential listening.

Use the code GROVES for 10% off Mark Groves-related releases (expires 10 June 2022).

As always, free postage for orders within Australia over $100.

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30 Deep Dives into the Shame File Music store

Shame File Music is a long-running label, releasing Australian experimental music of note for over thirty years. With 120+ label releases to date so far, it’s sometimes forgotten that the Shame File Music online store also hosts an in-depth curation of distributed titles from contemporary and historical practitioners across the world. With nearly 500 titles listed, Shame File Music is a vast collection of exploratory and experimental music on a range of formats (vinyl, CD, tape, digital, books, magazines and more). Each addition is chosen specifically for its relevance to Shame File Music’s aim to host a repository of experimental music of note.

The depth of our virtual shelves can sometimes be a little overwhelming, and I sometimes feel that genuine gems get lost deep in the website corridors. To address this, over the coming weeks I will be publishing 30 posts/articles highlighting particular titles and related releases. These posts will include discount codes usable on these and related releases for a limited amount of time

Stay tuned to the 30 Deep Dives here, as well as on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

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NEW RELEASE (sham121) Astasie-abasie “Elliptical Gamelan” LP – special pre-order price for limited edition vinyl – digital preview tracks

Astasie-abasie (AKA Ian Andrews) posts another missive from the micro-sound-world-made-big he introduced us to with last year’s “Molecular Gamelan” album (sham115). His follow-up “Elliptical Gamelan” is now available for pre-order.

A limited edition of 150 vinyl records is currently in production at Melbourne’s home of quality digital pressing, Program Records, shipping late July 2022. Get in now to secure yours, with this special discounted price as well, or pre-order the digital version.  Two exquisite tracks are now available for streaming; sample this world of mini-gamelan-like resonance now.

“…beautiful, zen-like music…” Vital Weekly on Molecular Gamelan.

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Surface Noise series now available for download

All ten volumes of the Surface Noise series are now available for streaming and free/pay-as-you-feel download from the Shame File Music Bandcamp page. Those with physical copies of the limited edition of 50 available can be ordered through Bandcamp, or through the links below (some only have 1 or 2 left).

Volume 1: cleaninglady/Klunk
Volume 2: Cat Hope/White Drummer (SOLD OUT)
Volume 3: Joe Musgrove/Makro & Hetlev
Volume 4: Ben Byrne & Rosalind Hall/Anthea Caddy & Matthew Davis
Volume 5: Dotabata/Llara Goodall
Volume 6: Jenny Barnes/Alice Hui-Sheng Chang, David Brown, Nigel Brown, Tim Catlin, Rosalind Hall, Michael McNab
Volume 7: Club Sound Witches/The Mermaids (SOLD OUT)
Volume 8: Snacks/Laura Altman & Monika Brooks
Volume 9: Ernie Althoff/Carolyn Connors
Volume 10: Clinton Green & Barnaby Oliver/Peter James

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Orders and shipping over the Xmas/New Year period + new releases for 2022

Last orders will be shipped this year on Thursday 23 December. I will then be taking a break for a few weeks, before shipping resumes on 20 January 2022.

Naturally, the website will remain operating this time and you can still order to your heart’s content.

New releases from Shame File Music scheduled for 2022:

(sham120) Ernie Althoff “Nine Perverse Pairs and three Verandah Interludes” digital (reissue of the out-of-print 2012 album)

(sham121) Astasie-abasie “Elliptical Gamelan” LP/digital (follow up to 2021’s “Molecular Gamelan” CD)

(sham122) Ad Hoc “Distance” cassette/digital (reissue of the seminal 1980 Melbourne band)

+ more to be announced in due course…

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NEW RELEASE (sham085) Clinton Green & Barnaby Oliver/Peter James “Surface Noise Vol.10” CDR

Clinton Green & Barnaby Oliver/Peter James “Surface Noise Vol. 10” CDR

Shame File Music and Iceage Productions present the final instalment in the Surface Noise series.

Since 2014, the Surface Noise series of releases has documented live performances by Australian experimental and noise artists. The series of split releases appropriately concludes with contrasting works by the two minds behind the enterprise. Clinton Green (Shame File Music) duos with Barnaby Oliver in an intimate set of lower case acoustic drone (bowed metal bowls, violin, piano) recorded at Long Play in 2019. And Peter James (Iceage Productions) closes out proceedings with an expansive synth drone symphony that opened ears and minds at Make It Up Club back in 2012. As with the entire series, mastered by James A. Dean at Electric Sounds. Limited edition of 50 hand-numbered copies.

Special offer whilst stocks last – purchase all remaining copies in the series for this special price.

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OUT NOW (sham118) Ernie Althoff “Symmetry marred by impulse” CD/digital

Shame File Music presents Ernie Althoff’s new album Symmetry marred by impulse. Out now on CD and digital.

“Symmetry marred by impulse” opens a rich new vein of ‘Althoffisms’; delicate percussive worlds that articulate and rotate through new sonic spaces, realising their own inherent structures and symmetries along the way. It’s tempting to identify this new work as emblematic of a ‘late-career renaissance’ for Althoff, particularly the rich tonal depth and spaciousness enhanced by his recent use digital production techniques. The truth is that Althoff’s inventiveness and curiosity have been constants throughout four-plus decades of work, and continue to make his music essential listening.