Fia Fiell “All in the Same Room” LP




Second release (originally on cassette, now on vinyl) from Melbourne synthesis composer Fia Fiell (AKA Carolyn Schofield). Since 2016’s widely praised debut ‘A Hair, A Heap’ Schofield has cultivated deep renown in critical circles as a thrilling and sought after live performer with appearances at Inner Varnika, Obsidian Festival, Dark Mofo, Freedom Time plus crucial support slots for Laurel Halo, Rashad Becker and more.

‘All In The Same Room’ is a meticulously crafted capsule of intimate melodic descriptions across a timeline of personal tumult, realisation and ultimately, growth; a playful yet guarded sense of wonder informs the tones, the sparse arrangement and the care taken with the mix, following on where ‘A Hair, A Heap’ left off. Swells and cycles in which time seems to slow often give way to sheer power throughout the arc of this release however (see ‘Overgrowth’, featuring a massively moving pipe organ performance at its center), while the artist herself encourages the listener toward an immersive higher volume experience than so-called ‘ambient’ music usually demands. Finally, it’s worth noting that the pieces on ‘All In The Same Room’ were all born from improvisational performances which were then given the space and environment to bloom, as Schofield’s creative voice continues to do just that.

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Dimensions 31 × 31 × .05 cm