“Shame File Music, archivists par excellence of the Australian scene” – Boring Like A Drill

Shame File Music specialises in documenting Australian experimental music, both contemporary and historical.

Originating in the early 1990s, Shame File began as a tape label releasing and distributing cassettes of punk and noise bands. Later, the label moved to CDR, CD and online releases, along with an interest more concerned with experimental music.

As well as producing our own releases, Shame File also hosts an extensive mailorder catalogue that represents the many varied facets of Australian experimental music, as well as a large range of international artists.

Landmark releases such as the Artefacts of Australian Experimental Music series, and the Ernie Althoff and Rik Rue Cassette Archives have positioned Shame File Music as a significant documenter of the history of Australian experimental music.

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Label Releases:

SHAM001 KAOS “We Do Not Have Speech Impediments” cassette (1990)
SHAM002 Henry Rollins “Spoken Absurd” cassette (1992)- deleted
SHAM003 Various Artists “Gosh, I’m So Punk” cassette (1993) – deleted
SHAM004 Undecisive God “The Difference Between Light and Shadow” cassette (1994)
SHAM005 Undecisive God “The Celestial Emporium of Benevolent Knowledge” cassette (1994, licensed to Smell the Stench Tapes in 2000)
SHAM006 Sonic Youth “E.V.O.Lution” cassette (1994) – deleted
SHAM007 Various Artists “A Land of Sweeping Sound” cassette (now avaible on CDR) (1995, split release with French label SPOCK)
SHAM008 Punchbag / Undecisive God split cassette (1996) – deleted
SHAM009 Undecisive God “Purple Silk, Yellowed Clothes” cassette (1999)
SHAM010 Undecisive God “Prodigal” cassette (2000)
SHAM011 NeTe “Greatest Non-hits 1” cassette (now available on CDR) (2000)
SHAM012 Kill “Greatest Non-hits 2” cassette (2000) – deleted
SHAM013 Various Artists “Behind Closed Doors: Australian Home-Recorded Experiments” CDR (2000)
SHAM014 Kettle / Undecisive God “Digilogue” mini CDR (2001, split release with Label:KETTLE)
SHAM015 Undecisive God CDR (2001, split release with Smell the Stench)
SHAM016 Various Artists “Sound in the Absence of Light: Behind Closed Doors Live” CDR (2002)
SHAM017 Undecisive God “Archive 1: 1991-4” CDR/digital (2002, split release with Smell the Stench)
SHAM018 The Unnameable “But of that, I Will Not Speak…” CDR (2002)
SHAM019 Undecisive God “Archive 2: 1994-5” CDR/digital (2002)
SHAM020 Undecisive God “Archive 3: 1995” double CDR/digital (2003)
SHAM021 Undeceive God / W.I.T. “Modern Discourse” business card CDR (2003)
SHAM022 Undecisive God “Archive 4: 2000” CDR/digital (2003)
SHAM023 Undecisive God “Offering” CDR (2003)
SHAM024 Diaspora “ohmwrld” CDR (2004)
SHAM025 Undecisive God “Border Protection Policy” CDR (2004)
SHAM026 Various Artists “The Undertow: undercurrents of Australian experimental music” CDR (2004)
SHAM027 Undecisive God “Archive 5: 2001” double CDR/digital (2004)
SHAM028 Undecisive God “Sound Archive” mp3 CDR (2005)
SHAM029 Scott Sinclair & Clinton Green “With Doors Open” CDR (2005, split release with Half/Theory)
SHAM030 Scott Sinclair & Clinton Green “Tamas” digital/CDEP (2005)
SHAM031 W.I.T. “While You Were Ill…” (Terra Australis Incognita volume I) digital/CDEP (2005)
SHAM032 Undecisive God “A Year of Silence” CDR (2005)
SHAM033 The Feeder “Locus of Variation” (Terra Australis Incognita volume II) digital/CDEP (2005)
SHAM034 Undecisive God “Headless” (Terra Australis Incognita volume III) digital/CDEP (2005)
SHAM035 r.domain “In Remembrance” (Terra Australis Incognita volume IV) digital/CDEP (2005)
SHAM036 Undecisive God “Eccentricites” CDR (2005)
SHAM037 Zac Keiller “Venture” (Terra Australis Incognita) mp3/CDEP volume V) digital/CDEP (2006)
SHAM038 Hi-God People “Shortwave Children” (Terra Australis Incognita) digital/CDEP (2006)
SHAM039 Various Artists “NMATAPES #1” digital/CDR (2006, originally released 1982) – deleted
SHAM040 Various Artists “NMATAPES #2” digital/CDR (2006, originally released 1983) – deleted
SHAM041 Various Artists “NMATAPES #3” digital/CDR (2006, originally released 1984) – deleted
SHAM042 Various Artists “NMATAPES #4” digital/double CDR (2006, originally released 1985) – deleted
SHAM043 Various Artists “NMATAPES #5” digital/CDR (2006, originally released 1987) – deleted
SHAM044 Various Artists “NMATAPES #6” digital/CDR (2006, originally released 1988) – deleted
SHAM045 Various Artists “NMATAPES #7” digital/CDR (2006, originally released 1989) – deleted
SHAM046 Various Artists “NMATAPES #8” digital/CDR (2006, originally released 1990) – deleted
SHAM047 Various Artists “NMATAPES #9” digital/CDR (2006, originally released 1991) – deleted
SHAM048 Various Artists “NMATAPES #10” digital/CDR (2006, originally released 1992) – deleted
SHAM049 Bite the Capsicum mini CDR (2006)
SHAM050 Various Artists – Artefacts of Australian Experimental Music: 1930-1973 CD/digital (2007)
SHAM051 Undecisive God – Duos for Guitar and Broken Records mini CDR (2007)
SHAM052 Undecisive God – Everything’s Broken CDR (2007)
SHAM053 The Scroungers – Bored, Pissed and Agro: 1991-7 digital/CDR (2009)
SHAM054 Arthur Cantrill – Chromatic Mysteries CD (2010)
SHAM055 Undecisive God – Archive 6: 2002-2003 2CDR/digital (2010)
SHAM056 Various Artists – Artefacts of Australian Experimental Music: volume II 1974-1983 2CD (2010)
SHAM057 Undecisive God – Archive 7: 2004 2CDR/digital (2010)
SHAM058 Tangerine Nightmare – Synthicide digital/CDR (2010)
SHAM059 Undecisive God – Archive 8: 2005 2CDR/digital (2011)
SHAM060 Undecisive God – Finnegans Wake digital/mini CDR (2011)
SHAM061 Undecisive God – RPMs 3-4 CD (2011)
SHAM062 Ernie Althoff – The Way I See It/You’ve Got the Option digital/CDR (2011)
SHAM063 Ernie Althoff – Music for Seven Metal Machines digital/CDR (2011)
SHAM064 Ernie Althoff – For Two On Blue digital/CDR (2011)
SHAM065 Ernie Althoff – Thirty More digital/CDR (2012)
SHAM066 Jack Ellitt – Sound Constructions digital/CDR (2011)
SHAM067 Clinton Green – Archive 9: 2006 2CDR/digital (2012)
SHAM068 Val Stephen – Electrogenesis digital/CDR (2012)
SHAM069 Hectic Head – No Shame, No Games digital/CDEP (2012)
SHAM070 Ernie Althoff – Moggs Creek Picnic Ground CD (2012)
SHAM071 Clinton Green & Andrew McIntosh – Kasoundi CD (2013)
SHAM072 Clinton Green – Turntable at Dawn CDR (2012)
SHAM073 Clinton Green – Archive 10: 2007 3CDR/digital (2013)
SHAM074 Arthur Cantrill – Hootonics LP/digital (2014)
SHAM075 Clinton Green & collaborators – Address Book digital (2013-2015)
SHAM076 cleaninglady/Klunk – Surface Noise vol. 1 CDR (2014, split with Iceage Productions)
SHAM077 Cat Hope/White Drummer – Surface Noise vol. 2 CDR (2015, split with Iceage Productions)
SHAM078 Joe Musgrove/ Makro/Hetlev – Surface Noise vol. 3 CDR (2016, split with Iceage Productions)
SHAM079 Ben Byrne & Rosalind Hall/Anthea Caddy & Matthew Davis – Surface Noise vol. 4 CDR (2017, split with Iceage Productions)
SHAM080 Dotabata/Llara Goodall – Surface Noise vol. 5 CDR (2017, split with Iceage Productions)
SHAM081 Jenny Barnes/Alice Hui-Sheng Chang, David Brown, Nigel Brown, Tim Catlin, Rosalind Hall & Michael McNab – Surface Noise vol. 6 CDR (2018, split with Iceage Productions)
SHAM082 Club Sound Witches/Mermaids – Surface Noise vol. 7 CDR (2018, split with Iceage Productions)
SHAM083 Snacks/Laura Altman & Monika Brooks – Surface Noise vol. 8 CDR (2019, split with Iceage Productions)
SHAM084 Ernie Althoff/Carolyn Connors – Surface Noise vol. 9 CDR (2020, split with Iceage Productions)
SHAM085 Clinton Green & Barnaby Oliver/Peter James – Surface Noise vol. 10 CDR (2021, split with Iceage Productions)
SHAM086 Rik Rue & Shane Fahey – Murmurs digital/CDR (2014)
SHAM087 Rik Rue – The Pre Glasnost Tapes digital/CDR (2014)
SHAM088 Clinton Green & Barnaby Oliver – Discretions CDR/web app (2015)
SHAM089 Emilio Gordoa/Michael McNab/Josten Myburgh – Passive Transport CD/digital (2016)
SHAM090 Clinton Green & Camilla Hannan – The State Of Sound: conversations about sound art and experimental music digital (2016)
SHAM091 Chun-liang Liu – Friction CDR/digital (2016)
SHAM092 Clinton Green & Andrew McIntosh – Stations digital (2016) (reissue of limited edition 2013 cassette on Mazurka)
SHAM093 Undecisive God – A Vinyl Construction digital EP (2016) (reissue of limited edition 2009 7″EP on Revolution Records)
SHAM094 Undecisive God/Screwtape – RPMs/Shitless digital (2016) (reissue of the 2010 cassette on Solar Anus)
SHAM095 Undecisive God – RPMs 2 digital (2016) (reissue of 2011 cassette on Altered States)
SHAM096 Ren Walters/Clinton Green/Michael McNab – At the Salt Museum CD/digital (2017)
SHAM097 Moe Chee – Be It Hot, Humid or Ghostly Cold CD/digital (2018)
SHAM098 Rik Rue – A Raise of an Eyebrow digital/CDR (2018)
SHAM099 Matthew Paine – Tape: Music from and inspired by a short flm by Jordan Giusti digital (2018)
SHAM100 Clinton Green & Ernie Althoff – Blindfold test CD/digital (2018)
SHAM101 Clinton Green – Thylacine CD/digital (2018)
SHAM102 Rik Rue – Dub for St. Rita digital/CDR (2019)
SHAM103 Clinton Green – Young Women of Asia 7″/digital (2019)
SHAM104 Fifi L’Amour & Rik Rue – Rue L’Amour digital/CDR (2019)
SHAM105 Tony Buck/Rik Rue – Come Let Us Build Ourselves A City digital (2019)
SHAM106 Radio On – Sounds of Objects digital/CDR (2019)
SHAM107 Club Sound Witches – #freakinmeout CD/digital (2020)
SHAM108 Great Rack – sample pack digital (2020)
SHAM109 Clinton Green & Barnaby Oliver – The Interstices Of These Epidemics CD/digital (2020)
SHAM110 Various Artists – Music Under Lockdown: Melbourne 2020 digital (2020)
SHAM111 Clinton Green – Relativity/Only LP/digital (2021, split with Nice Music)
SHAM112 THIS Ensemble – Brown Paper Business 2CD/digital (2021)
SHAM113 Various Artists – Music Under Lockdown: Melbourne 2020 Volume 2 digital (2021)
SHAM114 THIS Ensemble – My Umbrella Is Another Word for Community digital/CDR (2021)
SHAM115 Astasie-Abasie – Molecular Gamelan CD/digital (2021)
SHAM116 Ernie Althoff – Two Long Works digital (2021)
SHAM117 Clinton Green – Here?/Secret digital/cassette (2021)
SHAM118 Ernie Althoff – Symmetry marred by impulse CD/digital (2021)
SHAM119 Ernie Althoff – Striking-Rolling-Scraping-Bending digital (2021)
SHAM120 Ernie Althoff – Nine Perverse Pairs and three Veranda Interludes digital (2022)
SHAM121 Astasie-abasie – Elliptical Gamelan LP/digital (2022)
SHAM122 Ad Hoc – Distance cassette/digital (2022, split with Albert’s Basement)
SHAM123 Chun-liang Liu – I Thought It Was Colourful, But They Said It Was BLACK cassette/digital (2022)
SHAM124 Ross Manning – Some Technical Drawings LP/digital (2023)
SHAM125 Ad Hoc – Corpse cassette/digital (2023, split with Albert’s Basement)
SHAM126 Sooji Kim and Aviva Endean – Breath + Voltage digital (2023)
SHAM127 Astasie-abasie – Vestigial Gamelan LP/digital (due 2024)
SHAM128 Clinton Green – A Conduit CD/digital (2024)
SHAM129 Brown/Buck/Mayas – Blue Plum Bloom LP/digital (due 2024)