Ernie Althoff “Nine Perverse Pairs and three Veranda Interludes” digital



Digital reissue of Althoff’s 2012 out-of-print CDR.


Perverse Pairs process
1. Record eighteen close-miked improvisations of common duration
2. Emphasise timbral gesture; insert sporadic rhythmic content into performances
3. Select eight pairs, making sure the remaining ninth isn’t a dud
4. Edit, adjust levels, pan slightly
5. Mixdown to make nine duet tracks
6. Select nine ‘cultural’ pairs from history, geography, music, popular culture, etc.
7. Rearrange, perversely but creatively
8. Assign as titles

Instrumentation 1. Four different types of small seashells. 2. Macadamia nuts. 3. Seaglass chips. 4. Jasper fragments. 5. Sewing machine bobbins. 6. Tiny ceramic bowls. 7. Curved-front confectionery tin. 8. Plastic bottle. 9. Dustbrush (All these aforementioned objects were manipulated on wood, metal, leather or plastic surfaces). 10. Small Japanese box with curved lid. 11. Fabric covered box. 12. Penta-tine instrument. 13. Roll ‘n’ rattle marbles instrument. 14. Wood octagonal barrel instrument, once with a tumbling woodblock inside and once with super balls inside.

Veranda Interludes process
1. Choose a fine, still autumn night
2. Set up the recording gear
3. Perform and record
4. Edit, adjust, etc

1. Straw broom, first the handle on floor planks and roof support posts and then the straw bristles on the balustrade
2. Pull-along bamboo rollers instrument