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OUT NOW (sham128) Clinton Green “A Conduit” CD/digital

A Conduit consists of three linked works honed from Green’s recent explorations of broken Walkmans playing themselves.

Loose internal speakers from the Walkmans are positioned between the spindle and play-head. The parts cling together magnetically, yet are agitated by the turning spindle, creating not-quite-regular rhythms punctuated by magnetic/electronic interference. Green gently nurtures this kinetic and sonic phenomena by changing the positioning of the Walkmans, and applying subtle EQ and effects. The musical results are accompanied by episodes of aleatorically-constructed cassette collages, processed text and turntables.

“I feel this is quite a different direction in some ways; broken Walkmans playing themselves and inviting you to (sorta) dance” – Clinton Green (on A Conduit).


Allegations of Ventriloquism – a psychodrama; an opera for Walkmans and turntable

Emucounter – an interlude; an encounter

Stopcock (alleged) – a valve; flow control; no outlet

Clinton Green is an Australian experimental artist and performer. He works with Walkmans, prepared/hacked turntables and found objects as instruments.

“His reason…is to find out why he’s such a damn fool” – Harry Smith (on himself)

Availabile digitally and on pro-produced CD with 4-panel sleeve housed in PVC sleeve. Limited edition of 100 copies.