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(sham050) Artefacts of Australian Experimental Music: 1930-1973 CD – sold out but leftover discs/booklets available

The landmark “Artefacts of Australian Experimental Music: 1930-1973” CD has now sold out, but I have a few extra original discs and liner notes booklets that I’m selling for $10 if anyone wants them (digipaks are all gone). It’s also available digitally on Bandcamp (along with Volume 2, which I still have discs available of).
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(sham096) Ren Walters/Clinton Green/Michael McNab “At The Salt Museum” now available in full digitally

At The Salt Museum is now available in full on Bandcamp for streaming and download.

The tracks that made this album were originally recorded on 4 December 2015, at the Murray Sunset National Park in North West Victoria. That will be 7 years ago on Sunday 4 December 2022, when Clinton Green & Michael McNab will be playing a duo in support of a rare Melbourne performance from Astasie-abasie.

A small amount of the original CD are still available.

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Astasie-abasie interview & Melbourne performances

Ian Andrews of Astasie-abasie was recently interviewed about his work by Clinton Green for this special: Plateaus of intensity. In it, Andrews discusses his interest in sound in childhood, early projects, the development of Astasie-abasie, as well as his interests including turntablism, aleatoric art, and phenomenology.

Astasie-abasie will visit Melbourne in early December 2022 for two rare live performances, to celebrate the recent release of his Elliptical Gamelan LP:

  • Sunday 4 December @ Static Open, Footscray (more details and pre-sales to come)
  • Tuesday 6 December @ Make It Up Club, Fitzroy (duo with Clinton Green)
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Undecisive God/Clinton Green “Archive” series digital release

The Archive series comprises ten volumes, issued on CDR from 2002-2013.  The series collects out-of-print, rare and previously-unreleased material from Clinton Green’s Undecisive God project, beginning with nascent recordings made from 1991 through to 2007.

Primarily a private archival project, it has only been issued via on-demand CDRs. The CDR format will now be discontinued as the series moves to Bandcamp over coming months. The first two editions are now available on that platform, along with original liner notes:

Archive 1: 1991-4 (sham017) includes the debut cassette The Difference Between Light and Shadow in its entirety, plus some previously unreleased material and compilation tracks.

Archive 2: 1994-5 (sham019) features Undecisive God’s second release The Celestial Emporium of Benevolent Knowledge, plus 3 other compilation tracks and an early version unreleased of “Hallowed Be Thy Name”.

Preview tracks are available for free streaming (these are what I rate as the most-listenable tracks, the rest are really only for completists and the curious).

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NEW RELEASE (sham123) Chun-liang Liu “I Thought It Was Colourful, But They Said It Was BLACK” cassette/digital – pre-orders and preview tracks now available

Taiwanese performing & sound artist, Chun-liang-Liu’s, follow-up her 2016 debut Friction album is a further development of her intimate vocal and sound works into more complex and layered sonic experiences. I Thought It Was Colourful, But They Said It Was BLACK was mostly recorded in Liu’s home, often in bed late at night, with multiple vocalisations added to create a polyphonic effect akin to a choir of interior voices or inner dialogue. Such an approach could easily be overwhelming for listeners, yet Liu crafts her work with a deft touch that offers a unique sonic, musical, and emotional experience.

Preview tracks and pre-orders here – shipping mid-November 2022.

Read Liu’s reflection on the album here.

Limited edition of 100 pro-produced cassettes with full colour covers.

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OUT NOW (sham122) Ad Hoc “Distance” cassette/digital

The limited edition reissue of Ad Hoc’s 1980 “Distance” cassette is out today on Shame File Music and Albert’s Basement.

Ad Hoc (James Clayden, Chris Knowles & David Wadelton, and at times David Brown) were an obscure Melbourne outfit of the late 1970s/early 80s who stood curiously apart of from many of their more-storied contemporaries, but whose haunting ambient instrumentals sound remarkably contemporary four decades later.

“Distance”, their sole release besides some compilation tracks, has been sourced from the original 4 channel master reel tape, and is now available digitally and on a limited edition of 100 replica pro-produced cassettes with risograph cover. Read more about Ad Hoc here.

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(25 Aug 2022) Steady State: an evening of spectral harmonies with Clinton Green & Barnaby Oliver, Tim Catlin & Rod Cooper

Clinton Green (bowed metal bowls) and Barnaby Oliver (struck and bowed strings)
Spring (Tim Catlin and Rod Cooper)

Thursday 25 August 2022 8:00 PM – 9:30 PM

Tempo Rubato
34 Breese St, Brunswick


Barnaby Oliver and Clinton Green use aluminium bowls and strings to create a combination of shifting resonances, coalescing into other-worldly music that at first appears static, yet constantly shifts and re-grounds itself.

Spring features Tim Catlin and Rod Cooper playing their own newly-invented instruments – Vibrissa and Steel Keys.

Clinton Green & Barnaby Oliver’s latest album “The Interstices Of These Epidemics” available here