Clinton Green & Barnaby Oliver/Peter James “Surface Noise Vol.10” CDR/digital




Since 2014, the Surface Noise series of releases has documented live performances by Australian experimental and noise artists. The series of split releases appropriately concludes with contrasting works by the two minds behind the enterprise. Clinton Green (Shame File Music) duos with Barnaby Oliver in an intimate set of lower case acoustic drone (bowed metal bowls, violin, piano) recorded at Long Play in 2019. And Peter James (Iceage Productions) closes out proceedings with and expansive synth drone symphony that opened ears and minds at Make It Up Club back in 2012. As with the entire series, mastered by James A. Dean at Electric Sounds. Limited edition of 50 hand-numbered copies.

This is also where we find the music of Clinton Green and Barnaby Oliver…The bowing is all around, from longer forms on the bowls and small gestures on the violin, wandering around each other like two lovers not being able to find each other. In the second part of their concert…the piano plays open chords, with a small amount of sustain, adding to the quiet, majestic atmosphere of the music…[The second piece] we have James on a bunch of synthesizers, which could be boxed inside in a laptop, but for all I know, he’s on stage with a few keyboards to play this piece. This piece is from the department of heavy synthesizer drones. Deep space? You bet, but rather than ‘we’re floating in space, enjoy this trip’, James depicts being sucked into a black hole and staying there, spinning round and round, until you’re all dizzy and confused. Repetitions are abundant, but at the same time, there are also minor variations, so it remains interesting throughout. Great piece. Vital Weekly 1324