Ad Hoc “Corpse” cassette/digital



Shame File Music and Albert’s Basement follow up the critically-acclaimed 2022 reissue of seminal Melbourne band Ad Hoc’s Distance cassette with the band’s obscure barely-released (perhaps six home-dubbed copies) live cassette Corpse – available digitally and on a limited edition of 100 cassettes from September 2023 (pre-order now).

Differing dramatically from Distance, Corpse captures the trio presenting a wall of almost self-playing instruments live to a bemused Clifton Hill Community Music Centre audience in 1980. The sounds were already set up before the audience entered, then the amps were simply turned on. The performers present perhaps as a corpse; unmoving, yet with a dramatic visceral impact.

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Limited edition of 100 pro-produced cassettes with risograph cover.


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