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Deep Dive #2 – Anthony Pateras “Collected Works: 2002-2012” 5CD box set

Anthony Pateras is one of Australia’s most significant new music composer of the last two decades. Shame File Music makes available all of his in-print releases, including those from his Immediata label (including collaborations with Chris Abrahams (176), Erkki Veltheim, Jerome Noetinger, Pateras/Baxter/Brown, Rohan Drape, and Mike Patton (tetema). The Himalayan giants that stand within that landscape are the two “Collected Works” 5CD box sets, each accompanied with detailed liner notes. “Collected Works” documents the many aspects of Pateras’ music output, including chamber and orchestra pieces, string quartets and small ensembles, as well as electronic works and prepared piano. Listening alongside Pateras’ detailed and revealing (and occasionally self-critical) liner notes is a deep dive itself his music.

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