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Deep Dive #16 – Peter Farrar “Fabio Pastell 2: More Fabulous Stories” cassette

Peter Farrar is a Sydney-based multi-instrumentalist/instrument builder who participates in a number of free-form collectives, including Splinter Orchestra and Prophets. Of his solo cassette “Fabio Pastell 2: More Fabulous Stories”, he writes:

I have many musical interests that seemed to be unrelated, at times almost contradictory. There were no pre-existing musical worlds to accommodate these interests in the one place…

Here at Shame File Music, I hear a lot of strange music, but Farrar’s solo releases have even me exclaiming, “what the hell is that?!” (in a very positive, excited way, of course). “Fabio Pastell 2: More Fabulous Stories” certainly ticks that box. It appears to be a series of pieces incorporating both acoustic and electronic instruments, many automated, into self-generative bands. These “bands” resemble anything from demented brass bands to electro-acoustic ensembles, and everything in between. His solo debut “Avocado” LP/CD produces similarly-astonishing music for extended/modified saxophones (I think, but you never really know).

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