Peter Farrar “Avocado” LP/CD


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Debut solo release from Sydney alto sax monster, who uses plastic bags and bottles as mutes to create an astonishing array of textures. From the extreme vibrating shronk of the title track, to “Light Green” which sounds not unlike a field recording of squawking jungle birdlife, this album is riveting listening. A punk Jim Denley, perhaps? LP is limited to 300 hand-numbered copies, also available on CD.

The closer one listens – and despite the tiny dimensions of the subsidiary sounds – the more this resembles flying through turbulence – the rhythmic side slips, sudden drops and laborious compensatory metric ascensions, and of course the vibrations. By now we have begun to feel strongly the momentum and the manipulations of time. Fascinating to say the least. Track 2 is a different story The alto is easier to recognize immediately, though it burbles and rasps, sometimes squalling and lashing like an angry cat. Where traditional music might work with supreme concentration to develop melodic subjects, themes and propositions, this is a fiercely intense working concentration on the structure of sound itself – The Music Trust

…this is all beautifully rich music. A hermetic closed off field of limited saxophone sounds, but within those limitations Farrar really finds lots and lots of small variations to work with. Sometimes it sounds like feedback, or a choir of insects, or sounds from an old industrial site, and most of the time, it is hard to believe this is a solo saxophone at work. This is an excellent CD of improvised music, composed music or electro-acoustics… – Vital Weekly

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