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Xmas/New Year ordering + new releases for 2021

I will be taking a well-earned break from filling orders over Xmas/New Year. Last orders will be shipped 19 December, then all subsequent orders will wait until the week of 11 January 2021. Needless to say, the site will still be running and you can still make orders during this time.

There is quite a lot in the works as far as new releases on the label for 2021. Here’s what’s locked in at the moment:

  • SHAM085 Clinton Green & Barnaby Oliver/Peter James “Surface Noise Vol. 10” CDR (split release with Iceage Productions)
  • SHAM111 Clinton Green “Relativity/Only” LP/digital (split release with Nice Music)
  • SHAM112 THIS Ensemble “Brown Paper Business” 2CD/digital
  • SHAM113 Various Artists “Music Under Lockdown: Melbourne 2020 Volume 2” digital
  • SHAM114 THIS Ensemble “My Umbrella Is Another Word For Community” digital
  • SHAM115 Astasie-Abasie “Molecular Gamelan” CD/digital

Plus a few other things still forming, more online reissues of early label releases, as well as more heaps titles from around Australia and the world in the web shop.

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(sham015) Undecisive God self-titled CDR now on Bandcamp

Undecisive God’s self-titled 2001 album is the latest addition to the Shame File Music Bandcamp page, part of our digital reissue lockdown project.

The ambient/noise guitar pieces on this album still stand up pretty well; although I’m unsure about the cover of The Dead C’s “Outside”, but it remains for the sake of archival completeness. I wrote to Bruce Russell at the time to get his permission to release said cover, which he granted. I agreed that if it ever became a hit I would cut him in on the moolah – Clinton

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NEW RELEASE (sham110) Various Artists “Music Under Lockdown: Melbourne 2020”

Music Under Lockdown: Melbourne 2020 – Free download/pay what you feel (all funds go towards production costs)

A collection of music made by Melbourne artists whilst under lockdown in 2020. Solo projects, remote collaborations, rare in-person recordings, works-in progress, sonic therapeutics. A document, and a gift. A tribute to creativity, resilience, and empathy.

There have been many submissions, too many to include in this already nearly 3 hour long (!) compilation, and more submissions have been promised as well. Therefore, submissions will stay open until the end of 2020, for tracks made during lockdown (which for the moment we hope ends on 9 November), and be considered for a possible Volume 2 instalment in the new year.

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(sham070) Ernie Althoff “Moggs Creek Picnic Ground” digital version now available

Ernie Altoff’s “Moggs Creek Picnic Ground” 2012 field recording album is available digitally now for the first time. The digital version has been remastered by John Campbell as one single track for continuous listening pleasure. The download comes with a PDF of Althoff’s liner notes as well. Copies of the original CD (with 70x 1 minute tracks) still available.

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(sham071) Clinton Green & Andrew McIntosh “Kasoundi” digital version now available

Clinton Green & Andrew McIntosh’s 2013 collaborative album “Kasoundi” is available online for the first time. I can’t remember for sure, but I feel like we were both quite into the whole Jeph Jerman sound-of-objects thinking when we made this album.

One final copy of the original glass-mastered CD remains (SOLD OUT).

We have a final 3 copies of the original digipak left over spare from the print-run, available now with a CDR of the album.

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Two new Judith Hamann albums imported from Blank Forms (USA) pre-orders

Shame File Music is importing Judith Hamann’s two debut albums from Blank Forms. Pre-orders available now, stock due to arrive in Australia late November 2020; import numbers will be based on these pre-orders, reserve yours to avoid disappointment (and horrendous overseas shipping costs):

Shaking Studies LP

Music for Cello and Humming CD


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(sham056) “Artefacts of Australian Experimental Music: Volume II 1974-1983” digital version now available

Ten years ago, Shame File Music released the “Artefacts of Australian Experimental Music: Volume II 1974-1983” double CD. It’s now available digitally, along with a full PDF of the original liner notes on download:

Artefacts of Australian Experimental Music: Volume II 1974-1983

Copies of the double CD are also still available.

The seminal original instalment “Artefacts of Australian Experimental Music: 1930-1973” is also available digitally, with a few copies of the original CD left.


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Call for Submissions: “Music Under Lockdown – Melbourne 2020” compilation album

Shame File Music invites submissions from sound artists/musicians in Melbourne who have made/ are making recordings this year during the various COVID-19-related lockdowns, to be collected into a digital compilation album.

Music Under Lockdown will document this unique time for artists in Melbourne. We ask for recordings made during, and in some way in response, to the various levels of lockdown we have and continue to live under. They don’t necessarily need to be high quality performances or recordings, I’m more interested in how they reflect lockdown and our responses to it.

I recognise and acknowledge artists in other cities and countries also living and working in these unique circumstances to various degrees, but this particular collection will focus on artists in Melbourne.

Please submit to :

  • audio recording (.wav file preferred), clearly identifying the track and artist name.
  • some text describing the recording, the circumstances in which it was made, where (location, suburb, etc), and how it responds to lockdown (these texts will be included in the liner notes).

As this will be a digital-only release, there is no limit on maximum track duration, however it your track is very long, it needs to be for a good reason.

UPDATE – Music Under Lockdown: Melbourne 2020 is out now. Submissions of tracks made during lockdown (made before 9 November) remain open until the end of 2020 for a potential Volume 2.