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Shame File Music mix on Mixcloud

Here is a mix including Shame File Music releases from the past year or so, some of our favourite recent distribution items in the shop, along with a reissued blast from the back catalogue.

  1. Carolyn Connors “Live at Make It Up Club, 2012” from Surface Noise Vol. 9
  2. Dydsu “Consume K” from Consume K
  3. Clinton Green “Only (Two)” from Relativity/Only
  4. Astasie-Abasie “Vicissitudes” from Molecular Gamelan(coming soon)
  5. Firoza “Fragment 7” from In the Noon of Ashura
  6. Bill Fontana “Landscape Sculpture with Fog Horns (installation version 1981) from Landscape Sculpture with Fog Horns
  7. Clinton Green & Barnaby Oliver “The Interstices” from The Interstices Of These Epidemics
  8. Anthony Pateras/Erkki Veltheim “Ersatz” from Duos for Other Instruments
  9. Great Rack “Tremlux” from sample pack
  10. Great Rack “Woman” from sample pack
  11. Great Rack “Rockmen” from sample pack
  12. Conlon Nancarrow “Study No. 25” from Studies for Player Piano
  13. Club Sound Witches untitled from #freakinmeout
  14. Great Rack “Rev Bass” from sample pack
  15. Overtone Ensemble “Heliotrope” from 2
  16. Jean DL/Rutger Zuydervelt “Scrambling 5” from Scramblings
  17. Bruno Duplant “Premier Nocturne” from Nocturnes (3 etudes)
  18. Isolation Improvisation Collective “Dares to Claim the Sky” from Telematic Music
  19. THIS Ensemble “Cat Got Your Tongue?” from Brown Paper Business
  20. Katerina Stathis “Beyond Clouded Skies (Eta Aquariid), May 6 – 4am” from Music Under Lockdown: Melbourne 2020
  21. Undecisive God untitled from self-titled