Various Artists “Music Under Lockdown: Melbourne 2020” digital


Restrictions on movement in Melbourne due to COVID-19 began in late March. These began with restrictions on indoor and outdoor gatherings and working from home, through to movement beyond localities, to compulsory wearing of masks outdoors. At the most extreme, restrictions have forbidden Melbournians from leaving home for more than one hour’s exercise per day, an 8pm curfew, and not moving beyond a 5 km radius of home. The majority of these restrictions are still in place at the time of writing (early October 2020), although we are now at the end of the second wave of infections and anxiously await release from lockdown.

The idea for this compilation surfaced in August, in response to the announcement of the most severe Stage 4 lockdown. “Music Under Lockdown: Melbourne 2020” is meant to document how musicians and sound artists living under these lockdown conditions coped, and what music they made during these times. As well as a listening experience, it is a snapshot of a unique and challenging time for all Melbournians, and especially a vibrant community of sound makers struggling through trying circumstances towards an uncertain future.

Featuring: Willebrant, Katarzyna Wikorski, Ascetik, Katerina Stathis, Propolis, Nick Ashwood and Clinton Green, The Man From Atlantis, Sugar Ross, Sala Niknafs, Surveillance, I Hold The Great Rack, Fuzzy Llama, David Prescott-Steed, Mick Meagher and Sam Price, Joseph Franklin, Carolyn Connors, Terry McDermott, and Erin K. Taylor