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Deep Dive #29 – Will Guthrie “Sticks, Stones & Breaking Bones” LP/CD

Expat percussion/drum master now resident in France, Will Guthrie has spent decades developing an approach to drums and percussion that is equal parts subtle and powerhouse. He has released a varied range of albums, either in solo form or unique collaborations, and each seems to offer new insight into his rhythmic worlds. From his recent work with Ensemble Nist-Nah (the contemporary gamelan ensemble he leads), to far left field efforts with polar extremes like Jean-Luc Giuonnet to Rudolf Eb.Er, Shame File Music endevours to stock as many of these often-limited editions as possible.

For sheer physical impact, it is hard to go past Guthrie’s 2012 masterwork “Sticks, Stones & Breaking Bones”, a tour de force in rhythm. Side 2 is what drum solos were meant to sound like. “Sticks, Stones…” is available on CD, as well as the 3rd edition of the LP; only one copy of the vinyl left. If you don’t have this album, how serious are you really about the phenomenon of sticks hitting skins?

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