Alfredo Costa Monteiro “Epicycle” CD



Epicycle was composed from a short single voice recording. This recording was then processed using solely three filters: pitch, reverb and distorsion. The combinatory of these transformations ended up by taking the form of a bumpy and noisy sonic journey, full of disruptions.

Alfredo Costa Monteiro is a Barcelona based artist who works across the spectrum from sound art to visual art after moving out of a sculpture/mixed media background. If that suggests a certain restlessness, his discography bears that out: Paper Music (2001) was generated entirely from paper-sourced sounds, while Rumeur (2004) was also a solo accordion work. Epicycle is an exercise in voice processing, produced entirely using Monteiro´ voice, filtered and reshaped by software. Not that you can really tell: Monteiro renders it into crackles, buzz, gales of static, and even at one point a bass rumble that threatens to erupt into Merzbow-style power electronics. Only the faintest traces implying a human larynx are detectable. Epicycle has a proise and organisation which you could call sculptural as much as musical or tonal, but it feels dogged by a certain flatness, an interest in form above all else, that makes for an overly pro-faced atmosphere.
Sam Davies, The Wire