Alfredo Costa Monteiro “Abstand” CD



“Abstand” was conceived to enhance the particularities of the combination of accordion and melodica, both wind instruments, one played with movement and the other by blowing. This dichotomy of difference and similarity resulted in intricate textures, not only thanks to the instruments’ particular timbres, but also through the natural microtonal distances in their fixed tunings, especially when it comes to old and worn out instruments like the ones used here.

These micro-intervals were enriched by a whole range of very minimal and subtle feedback, sometimes almost undetectable and sometimes tuned with one of the two instruments, creating many beat frequencies in order to produce active and organic listening. The sparse use of the cymbal goes in that direction and generates one more layer. Interferences formed by minimal distances as traces of other distances induced by thought. (Alfredo Costa Monteiro, Barcelona, February 2023)