Alfredo Costa Monteiro “Invisible Light” CD



The story of this release began in 2017, when Alfredo Costa Monteiro performed his all-night 8-hour concert in the old cinema hall of Sokolowsko, during the festival Sanatorium Dzwieku. The idea of that performance was to offer the possibility to experience how our physical state can affect our sensing and understanding altered by length, somnolence or tiredness.

Obscure drones as if originated in the dark corners of the old cinema hall started to sound quietly, anxiously growing and becoming louder to finally transform themselves into harsh streams that literally filled everything. Then the sound storm subsided, leaving a meditative backdrop and plunging the consciousness into a half-sleep state, and then a new sound wave of drones progressively woke me up. All this resulted in a quite surreal perception of what was happening, the mind was always drifting on the verge of never coming dreams.

The memory of those strange sounds haunted me deeply. Later I had the idea of taking this music out of the context of a live performance and presenting it separately, as a record. Alfredo liked the idea, recorded two pieces in January 2018 and suggested the title “Invisible Light” somehow related to the atmosphere of that night and as a metaphor of the ephemeral nature of sound. The pictures that complement the recording were taken by him in an abandoned house and have, in the same way, haunted him for many years. They have been printed in the form of radiographies, as if X-rays were the opposite of that invisible light that would be able to scrutinize the space and show its most minimal essence.  – Taras Opanasiuk, Sublime Retreat Records.

Monteiro’s power drones versus ambient silence work great in a collage form here; there are some great abrupt changes in the music that interrupt the flow but which makes the music for home entertainment much more interesting; an excellent release! – Vital Weekly 1224.

CD housed in envelope accompanied by 6 photos printed on radiographic paper, limited edition of 60.