Bruno Duplant “Paysages sans âge III” CD



“So, what dates a landscape? In human perception, the passage of time is detected through evidence of change or decay, and on Paysages Sans Âge III, it’s the sounds themselves that decay. Hints of synthetic melody surface and then recoil, as though recognizing their own inevitable demise, and sustained tones fade to nothing like a horizon just after dusk. Fix your ear on a synthesizer or piano note, and you’ll find another sound behind that sound, and then another. Duplant also supplied the CD’s three cover images, each a blurred black and white image of trees in various states of wintry undress. Sight and sound converge to create an impression of a landscape that is, perhaps, ageless because ageing is no longer an option.”  – Bill Meyer @ Dusted Magazine.

Limited edition of 100, housed in a 4-panel digipak.