Alfredo Costa Monteiro “Suspension pour une perte” CD

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“Suspension pour une perte” was created with a gap in time. A first recording of a broken piano was made by chance in 2012. This recording was forgotten for a long time, as its nature was that of a very limited sonic range. But as a premise in my work, limitations are always potential motivations to work with; so I decided to reevaluate it 10 years after, hoping that a new approach of the same recording would offer a quite different perspective.

Sustained and continuous organ sounds would be the connection between sparse events, creating a more dense background and giving these events a structure on which to arrange the whole piece. The time gap is not only a condition for change, but also a metaphoric abolition of the distance between past and present, anchoring the piece in an ontological Here and Now – Alfredo Costa Monteiro

Limited edition of 200 copies, housed in 4-panel digisleeve.