The Scroungers “Bored, Pissed and Agro: 1991-7” digital/CDR


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The Scroungers sound like punk was always supposed to, but rarely did; urgent, raw and dripping with sardonic anger. The fact that the Scroungers (a solo home recording project) grew partially out of Macka’s growing dissatisfaction the Melbourne punk scene of the early 1990s is somewhat ironic. Working in relative isolation and never performing live, Macka recorded a large body of work that is arguably the rawest, high-octane, politically and socially incisive punk rock the country has ever produced. Yet the Scroungers remain unknown to all but a few.

Bored, Pissed and Agro: 1991-1997 reproduces the best moments from the eleven Scroungers releases (ten cassettes and one split 7″) during these years when the project was active. A number of releases have been issued post-1997 (see discography), but these are largely reissues of material from the original cassette releases, either reproduced as is or remixed/remastered. Bored, Pissed and Agro: 1991-1997concerns itself with this six year period where the Scroungers were active, until Macka declared the project “dead” in 1997. The songs are reproduced here in their original form, complete with distortion and tape hiss, with only minimal mastering.

More information, including lyrics and discography.