Rik Rue & Shane Fahey “Murmers” digital/CDR



The recordings on this cassette were sourced from field recordings made along the New South Wales coast, including rainforests, hinterlands, coastal bays and creek beds. Murmurs was the second collaborative release between Rue and Fahey, who had combined previously under the moniker of Social Interiors (self-titled cassette released on Rue’s Pedestrian Tapes, 1985); although Murmurs was not specifically credited to Social Interiors, Fahey very much thinks of it as a Social Interiors release.

Rue and Fahey made the field recordings that were used on this cassette both individually and collaboratively. “Two Short Adventures in Water” is Rue’s work alone (which was also released on a cassette of the same name in 1986), whilst the other tracks are collaborative efforts with Fahey. This was the pair’s first concerted effort to create audio collages from environmental recordings.

Remastered by Shane Fahey, 2014.

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