Fifi L’Amour & Rik Rue “Rue L’Amour” digital/CDR



Jointly conceived by Fifi L’Amour and Rik Rue’. Originally released on cassette by Pedestrian Tapes in 1984.

The mid-1980s was a highly productive time for Rik Rue. Along with releasing often more than one cassette a year, he was also meeting a diverse range of new artists to collaborate with. One of the strangest of these collaborators, he says, was Fifi L’Amour.

L’Amour was a pioneer of often-surreal cabaret performance in late-1970s Sydney, co-founding Cabaret Conspiracy. She moved to Europe in 1985 and continued to perform. She died in 2012.

Remastered by Shane Fahey, 2019

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