Suburban Cracked Collective “Swimming Amongst The Dregs” LP




Sea-legged, lamenting electronics from Australian artist Shaun Leacy’s Suburban Cracked Collective, snagging neatly with A Colourful Storm’s more doleful post rock, noise and ‘tronica whims

‘Swimming Amongst The Dregs’ follows the similarly cheerfully titled ‘Private Failings‘ (2019) with a selection of sunsore melodies and cracked textures wrested from lo-fi instrumentation and hypnotically set in cranky DIY electro-acoustic parameters – sounding to us like the wordless rantings and clanging of seaman slowly unravelling on a rusty vessel, with a wheezing accordion plus spanners and the galley’s whisks for percussion.

Limited edition of 250 copies

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Weight .35 kg
Dimensions .5 × 31 × 31 cm