Subespai “City Circles” CDR




From Sydney-based sound artist Mauri Edo… Originally composed for the 2020 edition of the Australasian Computer Music Conference, ‘City Circles’ is a 28 minute piece that furthers the artist’s research on loops as a main musical currency, as well as the exploration of urban sounds and scenery, also present in 2018’s “A deafening silence”. Low frequency pulses and oscillator-like tones set up the canvas for field recordings to take the hand of the listener and embark on a circular stroll around a nondescript city, both through dangerous alleyways and lively parklands.

Typically eccentric/gorgeous packaging from the Chemical Imbalance label – Limited edition of 30 glossy whitetop/blackbottom style discs in round edged [record replica] cello bags/inner sleeves, located between pro-printed extra thick 300gsm singlefold covers on smooth, shiny, gloss paperstock . Kept safely within snazzy large, embossed, metallic navy/dark blue square-shaped envelopes. Also included is a digital D.L card (+2 bonus download code slips of previous Subespai/ M. Edo releases).