Morton Feldman “Two Pianos and other pieces: 1953-1969” 2CD


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A double CD of music for multiple pianos from what is arguably the most experimental and interesting period of Morton Feldman’s development as a composer.  Some of the pieces have been very rarely performed or recorded, and have probably never been in better hands.

“The magic is to make sounds out of pitches” Morton Feldman suggested in Darmstadt in 1984. To grasp what that might mean in practice, simply listen to ‘Piece for Four Pianos’ played by John Tilbury, Philip Thomas, Catherine Laws and Mark Knoop. This composition from 1957 is notated as to pitch, but Feldman left it open to performers to take the same single page score at their own chosen pace, allowing the mercurial qualities of personal touch, sensitivity to each note’s decay, the acoustic properties of the hall, idiosyncrasies of a particular instrument and other factors unspecified by the composer to work audible magic. Tilbury and Thomas act as the hub for this entire collection, combining their distinct yet equally refined interpretative identities in a series of duets, and within mixed chamber groups involving fine musicians such as cellist Anton lukoszevieze and violinist Mira Benjamin. These exploratory works, from Intermission 6 (1953) to between Categories (1969), form a compendium of spellbinding sounds – The Wire

John Tilbury, Philip Thomas, Catherine Laws & Mark Knoop – pianos

Anton Lukoszevieze & Seth Woods – cellos

Mira Benjamin & Linda Jankowska – violins

Rodrigo Constanzo & Taneli Clarke – percussion

Barrie Webb – trombone

Naomi Atherton – horn