Ian Wadley “Three Uneasy Pieces” CD




Using a guitar and a few electronic devices Ian Wadley creates meandering soundscapes that will stick in your head and haunt you long after the performance has concluded. Fresh ideas mingle with hints of familiar tunes and random access reworks of a musical career that spans decades. Once described as “Derek Bailey channelling Jimi Hendrix”, Ian is equally at home with ambient transistor radio as the sound of a passing tram.

“Three Uneasy Pieces” (sweat-lung 2006) is Ian Wadley’s debut solo cd. The vast majority of his recorded output is, on various instruments (and at times producing), as a member of numerous groups (Bird Blobs, Holy Ghosts, Minimum Chips, Function, Small World Experience, the Closesthing, Dumdums, GobbleGobble, the Deep End, Tendrils, and more). Ian hails from Brisbane, has spent a decade in Melbourne, toured the US, Europe, UK and Japan.