Greymouth “Telepathic Dunce” cassette


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Bristling with home office psychedelia, breadboard rippers, alloyed twang, Pacific tumult, and dial-a-downers, Telepathic Dunce marks the duo of Mark Sadgrove and Mark Anderson’s stately return to an increasingly troubled landscape, as seen from their base in Tokyo. Across eleven configurations, pocket-sized speakers are pushed beyond limits, perpetually buzzed and deisolated from modest housing; bottom of the world riffs tumble into logjam behind a current of boomy, semi-semantic Kiwi croon. A dense Wine Cellar vapor floods the tatami room, tin can and cardboard microphones everywhere. Big-brained ingenuity has afforded Greymouth a shed of unconventional tools. Fortunately, they’ve no timidity about dragging technology through the gutter. Gracefully doing everything the wrong way, as is their way.

Pro-duplicated cassette comes housed in the beautiful and unique packaging we’ve come to expect from the Careful Catalog label: exquisite colour outer card wrapper housing case and colour j-card, with hand-assembled collage insert. VERY LIMITED COPIES.

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Dimensions 10.5 × 7 × 1.5 cm