Arches “With All Your Mysteries In The Open Air” CD




Fredrik Rasten: acoustic guitar, e-bows
Jon Heilbron: double bass

Norwegian guitarist, improviser and composer Fredrik Rasten (1988) is based in Oslo and Berlin. Mainly focusing on the musical possibilities within just intonation and related sound phenomena, and in his work he is reaching for an actively listening state wherein to intuitively explore the complexities of tone and harmony. As a performer he is mainly playing acoustic guitar, using real time retuning of the instrument, vocal shadings and different preparations to create warm and fluctuating resonances. His active bands include Oker, Pip, Volumes and Arches. /

Berlin-based Australian Jon Heilbron (1990) is a double bass player, improviser and composer working in the areas of contemporary composed, improvised, experimental and orchestral music. Through his solo performances on double bass and bontempi chord organ, he focuses primarily on the act of listening, with a constant awareness of the immediate context, be they outdoor environments, suburban settings or more traditional concert venues. Heilbron also explores microtonal harmonic shifts, revealing unexpected and intriguing sonic interactions. /

Limited edition of 300 copies, in 4-panel digipaks.