Michael Pisaro-Liu “Mind is Moving (IX)” CD


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Work for electric guitar composed by Pisaro-Liu, a late addition to his Mind is Moving series. Performed by Slovenian guitarist Primož Sukič. 

CD is housed in a 6 panel digipak with score and performance notes from the composer.

American Wandelweiser composer Michael Pisaro-Liu (1961) is known for pieces of long duration with periods of silence. In the past twenty years his work has branched out in many directions, including work with field recording, electronics, improvisation and large ensembles of very different kinds of instrumental constitution. He has performed many of his own works and those of close associates Antoine Beuger, Jürg Frey, Manfred Werder and Kunsu Shim; and works from the experimental tradition, especially John Cage, Christian Wolff and James Tenney. / wandelweiser.de/pisaro

Slovenian guitarist Primož Sukič (1986) studied at the Academy Of Music in Ljubljana, at Akademie für Tonkunst Darmstadt, and at the HoGent Conservatory where he specialized in contemporary performance practice with the ICTUS Ensemble from Brussels. As a performer his main interests are exploring and widening the possibilities of his instruments: both the classical and electric guitar. He is the founding member of the Brussels-based duo The Third Guy, which is constantly researching borders between composition and improvisation. He is highly interested in studying cooking recipes from all over the world, and following latest scientific discoveries in space exploration.