Csaba Pengő “Circles” CD



…Circles refers not only to musical means, but also to exciting harmonic riffs and cyclical rhythmic motifs, which encompass not only the proximity of nature suggested by the titles, but also the cycle of nature, and the cycle of life. It suits the annular channel through which information flows not just between the two musicians, but between the instrument at its player. Perhaps this high degree of intimacy is why what we see and hear in the double bass is not a large wild beast difficult to reign in, but a hominoid, a projection of the musician’s self, which gives a sound point of reference and musical accompaniment to our interior soliloquies.

Hungarian double bass player Csaba Pengő (1974) graduated from the Jazz Department of the Liszt Ferenc Academy Of Music in 2004 as one of the students of Balázs Berkes. As a composer he writes music for various groups, as well as for solo and duo double bass. As a soloist he mostly plays his own compositions, while as a supporting musician he is active in a wide variety of musical genres, ranging from chamber music to jazz and blues. Currently he is a member of saxophonist Béla Ágoston’s Knutdut Men, and guitarist Roland Heidrich’s The Abstract.

CD is housed in a 6 panel digipak.