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Having seen its release in 2019, as a limited tour edition CD when Whitehorse and The Body toured Australia together, this much sought after collaboration is finally seeing a vinyl release in two different pressings with the collaboration of Sweatlung and Tartarus Records.

Whitehorse felt that these two epic tracks, having been initiated in 2013, shelved in 2014 and then revived and finalised in 2018 for the 2019 CD were fully deserving of vinyl release, but not before a generous run through the rinse cycle, hot wash and spin cycle.

Whitehorse engaged some friends to take care of the laundry, and what came out all crisply ironed, folded and ready to put away, was this beautiful nightmare of heavy chaos.

Too good for just one 12” version, so there are TWO different 12” versions!

Both LPs feature the original Whitehorse and The Body tracks on the A-side with a remix of each song on the B-side;

Vinyl LP (AU):
Whitehorse & The Body 12” with remixes from post-breakcore pioneer Bacchus Harsh (formally breakcore pioneer Xian) working his magic sparkle, and Emil Bognar Nasdor (Dawn Of Humans / NARC) who takes a song for a race around the track, before sending it to the glue factory in explosive style.

Vinyl LP (EU):
Whitehorse & The Body 12” with remixes from Andrew Nolan (Intensive Care / Column of Heaven / The Endless Blockade) manoeuvring the material through an intense hellscape & STATIQBLOOM who brings the industrial whirlpool of darkness to the nightmare..

In addition there are also a limited cassette  and a CD version ,both of which will include the original Whitehorse and The Body material and all 4 remixes.

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