Various Artists “Colour In Tote Bag” cassette


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Compilation put together by the Grog Pappy label of Newcastle, sounding strange and jolting, funny/disturbing/compelling:

Has a bunch of hoo-haa from the likes of;

Troth (altered states), Karen Constance (blood stereo), Urethra Stockade (obat batuk), Nick Dan (xnobbqx), Unique Oil Free Air, Psychward (magik crowbar), Spectral Geometry (iceage Prod.), DPRK (Loop Orchestra),

…As well as Newcastle hermits

The Mermaids, Cock Safari, Slut Duo, Synchronised Periods, GUS, Mooowwcowtituggzz


one off Pappy related projects recorded with out of towners coming through, or more often then not, getting stuck here in Newcastle…

Eroin Lutt, Naughty Girl No Sunshine, Keith Urban Karaoke, Arob & CB…

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