SPECIAL OFFER “Surface Noise” series, set of all available volumes


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The Surface Noise series is a split initiative between Shame File Music and Iceage Productions. Each include live recordings from two artists; one invited by the labels, the other then nominated by that artist. The result is released on a limited edition of 50 hand-numbered CDRs.

The series is a survey of some of the most interesting live performers of the past few years.

Five of the ten volumes remain in stock. Purchase all here for this special price (while stock lasts, some volumes only have a couple of copies remaining). All are available digitally (click links below to access).

Volume 1: cleaning lady/Klunk (SOLD OUT)
Volume 2: Cat Hope/White Drummer (SOLD OUT)
Volume 3: Joe Musgrove/Makro & Hetlev
Volume 4: Ben Byrne & Rosalind Hall/Anthea Caddy & Matthew Davis (SOLD OUT)
Volume 5: Dotabata/Llara Goodall
Volume 6: Jenny Barnes/Alice Hui-Sheng Chang, David Brown, Nigel Brown, Tim Catlin, Rosalind Hall, Michael McNab
Volume 7: Club Sound Witches/The Mermaids (SOLD OUT)
Volume 8: Snacks/Laura Altman & Monika Brooks
Volume 9: Ernie Althoff/Carolyn Connors (SOLD OUT)
Volume 10: Clinton Green & Barnaby Oliver/Peter James