Red Wine and Sugar “Turkish Coffee and Twice Baked Potatoes” CDR



These days there’s usually 1618 kilometres between Samaan Fieck and Mark Groves. The distance between the Northern Rivers region of New South Wales and Greater Melbourne can be covered in around 17 hours. However, you’ll want to break that up with an overnight stay in Sydney or Newcastle to avoid driver fatigue. A flight’s probably a better option, but the closest regional airport to the Northern Rivers is Ballina. It’s privately owned and had a major upgrade a year ago. The updated building only allows for one security screening lane and one body scanner through which everyone must pass. Insufficient infrastructure means that the security queue is diabolically long and slow. In light of all this, Samaan and Mark tend to favour file transfers and conversations over Zoom to make Red Wine and Sugar music. Turkish Coffee and Twice Baked Potatoes was made slowly using this approach between 2018 and 2023.

Limited edition of 60 copies.