Shunter and Switcher “Carnegie + In Hindsight” 12″ EP



Got a tram with Mum after the Bowie exhibition last weekend, and some random hot guy started hitting on her right in front of me. Tells her he knows how hard it is to be a young single parent and that she “has done a good job with this one” – pointing at me. Mum goes “Oh yeah? Well I have three more where he came from and a husband who helped to make ’em”. Dude says, “Nothing on the side then?”
Mark Groves’ latest recording project sits somewhere between his Absurd Cosmos Late Nite work and Red Wine & Sugar. Shunter And Switcher teams Groves with Andrew Cowie, and the textual theme is dark and strange encounters on Melbourne public transport. Like most of Groves’ work, this is disturbing, compelling, and darkly humorous.

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Dimensions 31 × 31 × .05 cm