Psychward/Крот “Institutionalised/КРОВАВАЯ МЭРИ” 7″


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Crawling through the labyrinth of psychological warfare, looking for an unlocked door. In-the-red lobotomy harsh noise. Nails, bullets, shrapnel, death metal pedals and dictaphone source tapes create an atmosphere of life inside a mental straight jacket. An object of severe hallucinogenic surrealism.

Also a delirious mindscape, Крот’s side opens with a recording taken inside a defunct water tank in the Tushetian highlands. Somewhat reminiscent of Angus MacLise’s percussive trance studies, the collage then shifts to a Eurodance street concert, and concludes with a drunken breakfast in Yerevan.

The whole thing from A to B has a nice flow from the drunk Armenian rambling recorded by Крот to the in-the-red heavy of Psychward.

Limited edition of 153 copies.

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