Psychward/Concentration “Morbid Paralysis/Deathmarch” 7″


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“Morbid Paralysis” is the second in a series of split Psychward 7″s that present the diversity of the project. Bizarre moments of failed executions become hostile in the red, causing the mixer to explode into a catastrophic post-mortem k-hole with junk flailing alongside turbulent stellar synthesis.

The flip side beholds the debut of CONCENTRATION (Larissa Kunst) from Byron Shire, N.S.W. whom produces an eerie, subtly rhythmic industrial score of pure Sayfo marching music. Deathmarch is immense harshed out white noise with splitting vocals from Aleister Crowley’s reading “The Poet”. Heavily layered and texturised death industrial rot. Again, excellently mastered by Robert Mayson.

Limited edition of 154 copies.

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Weight .09 kg
Dimensions 18.5 × 18.5 × .02 cm