Paul Baran “Pan Global Riot” 2CD




Paul Baran is the hidden master of Scottish experimental and electro-acoustic music. An ignorer of boundaries and a fuser of genres – his remarkable new album Pan Global Riot might be the only one you’ll hear this year where a pure acousmatic ambition is allowed to mingle with politics and p-funk.

Collaborators include Graeme Stewart McPherson, Seth Rozanoff, Gordon Kennedy, Franz Hautzinger, Rafe Fitzpatrick, Alistair Quietsch, D.W Lindsay, Elizabeth Wells, Kirill Shirikov, Andrew Leslie Hooker, Tatiana Danilevskaya, Nicola Kyosev, Anastasia Kovaleva, Lin Li, Zexuan Giao, Dante Boon, Tony Bevan, Alan Bryden, Adam Linson, Greg Stuart and Sodhi Tabla.

Double CD in bespoke 6-panel Digipak.