Music of Transparent Means “Chord from the Second Delphic Hymn/Emerging like an Infant from the House of Truth” LP


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This is the first ever vinyl release from the archives of Music of Transparent Means, the constantly evolving minimalist ensemble of up to 21 players active in Adelaide, Australia from 2002-2007.

Long celebrated by a tiny circle of initiates and hardcore minimalism aficionados, Music of Transparent Means shaped the sound of its native city to its most euphoric and immersive state with a series of terrifically intense concerts of original compositions. After its leader Alex Carpenter was lured to New York in 2007, the surviving artefacts – coveted CDr editions handmade by Carpenter himself – were circulated only among the most trusting fans.

“Chord from the Second Delphic Hymn” alongside Music of Transparent Means’ anthem “Emerging like an Infant from the House of Truth” was recorded live at an evening performance at De la Catessen Gallery in 2007 and remastered in 2021 under Carpenter’s supervision. Lovers of the music of La Monte Young, Phill Niblock, Tony Conrad and Arnold Dreyblatt will discover much on this album to rejoice.

“Joyous sensory over-stimulation (…) a kind of blissful, obliterated exhaustion (…) the music is, quite simply, a head-fucking blast to listen to and swim through” – Jon Dale

Hand-numbered edition of 100 copies.

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