Judith Hamann “Days Collapse” CD



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A suite of four pieces for cello & electronics by Judith Hamann, produced in lockdown from Covid-19 in spring 2020 on the island of Suomenlinna in Finland.

“Since I started the project I have been thinking a lot about collapse as an idea, and it’s become a really important means of thinking with and through certain ideas and experiences. Collapse in the sense of this album refers to a buckling of structure, of multiple layers suddenly without division, and points to the overall experience of redrawing of inside/outside public/private/social spaces and perception of time in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.
Perhaps I’m being overly utopian here, but I now think collapse is not synonymous with disaster, it can instead be generative, creative, a way of making a new story or experience, a way of revealing, or retelling our perception of the world.”

CD comes in 4-panel digi-wallet.