Anthony Pateras “Pseudacusis” CD



Leading Australian contemporary music composer A. Pateras yields a stunning, phantasmic spectralist work for tape and live players, recorded in 2019 at the 17th Sacrum Profanum Festival in Krakow, Poland.
Pseudacusis is the follow-up to Pateras’ work on Sunn 0)))’s Life Metal and Judith Hamann’s Music For Cello and Humming, and features the latter artist among his Tape Septet recordings, which provide the bed for its live performance iteration. The live and tape septets feature as well as Hamann, a roll call of contemporary music stars, including Mike Majkowski, Lizzy Welsh, Aviva Endean, Jonathan Heilbron, Scott McConnachie, Maria Moles, Erkki Veltheim and Pateras himself. Audio hallucinations for electro-acoustic septet