Jim Denley/Cor Fuhler “Truancy” LP


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Jim Denley and Dutch musician Cor Fuhler first met in the early 1990s and Cor’s frequent visits to Australia over the years gave them the opportunity to occasionally play. In 2012 Cor moved to Sydney, allowing them to ramp up the duo — this is their first release together.

Frans de Waard writing in Vital says:

“It’s a great record in which we recognise the acoustic alto saxophone by Denley and the acoustic piano of Fuhler… In the early bit of ‘Wag’ it sounds like they use electronics to generate a mild wall of feedback… It’s hard to believe that it’s just these two instruments. Of the two pieces ‘Wag’ is the more intense… Even when it paces down it still has that menacing quality of a noise piece. ‘Skive’ is perhaps quieter and subdued, but here too Denley plays some shrieking notes…. But ‘Skive’ has more air, more space to breath and both of these pieces, although different, complement each other very well, and offer a truly rich album of improvised music.”

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