I Hold The Lion’s Paw “Abstract Playgrounds” LP



Debut from Melbourne psychedelic jazz collective I Hold the Lion’s Paw, led by trumpeter-composer Reuben Lewis. IHTLP is an eight-piece collective that features some of Melbourne’s most exciting musicians. The music is born out of an organic cross-over of afro-beat, jazz and outré electronics. Expect to hear as much as electro-acoustic noise, slowly evolving soundtracks, afro-beat inspired grooves and psychedelic free jazz.

The album was produced by Reuben Lewis and edited by sound-artist Mark Shepherd, who assembled a day of live jamming in the studio to prepare material that would later be dissected, abstracted and re-composed into a single-take long-form improvisation and an electro-acoustic remix. Originally conceived as an LP in two chapters, side A is an unedited studio take performed without any pre-planned structure or set-list. Side B reimagines the IHTLP concept through an interconnected series of electro-acoustic pieces.

“Their debut album is a beguiling stew of afro-beat, jazz-rock-inflected postbop, and electro-acoustic noise – and on a deeper level, one of the richest, most insightful examinations of Miles Davis’s early 1970s work that I know.” – Andy Hamilton, The Wire: Adventures in Modern Music

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CD, Vinyl LP