Candlesnuffer “Apsomephone” CD


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“Candlesnuffer’s second CD release takes its title from the name of one of French musique concrète pioneer Pierre Henry’s studios — Apsome — and it’s fitting, as Apsomeophone is, in a sense, a tribute to the groundbreaking works of the great concrete musicians of yore — a series of irreverent odes to contemporary classical composers. However, Apsomeophone brings together the worlds of “composition” and rock, a meeting point of low- and high-art, a collision of the electric and the acoustic (and the occasional electro-acoustic). In it ye shall find moments of Derek Bailey-esque guitar destruction, looped guitar twangs, repetitive, percussive chimes, drones, Japanese film samples, doom-laden power chords and out-of-nowhere noises leaping and disappearing in a moment’s notice — all cut and spliced with a masterly precision.” – Forced Exposure