Diaspora “Let’s Hear It For The Vague Blur” DVD



Early 200os audio-visual work from Brisbane duo Lloyd Barrett & Joe Musgrove, in bespoke, unique covers:

The film “Let’s Hear It For The Vague Blur” is a 40 minute slow motion freefall down a kaleidoscopic rabbit’s hole of almost graspable abstraction. LHIFTVB has been described, much to the creators’ delight, as “moving at the speed of carpet”. Colours shift, converge, form shapes. These shapes emerge and dissolve into and out of each other gracefully, inevitably. Constant and contrary movement, although slow, has a dizzying effect but simultaneously a sense of stillness pervades. Faces, landscapes, galaxies, exotic silks, angels, microscopic bacteria are all amongst the images audiences have reported witnessing during showings of this film. All of these images exist only in the minds of the viewers – in this case the mind plays tricks on itself because it has no choice. LHIFTVB is an exercise in gleeful, contemplative confusion. Once the viewer accepts that there is no ‘correct’ image to see, they open themselves to a flood of imagery and imaginings beyond the artist’s ability or desire to control. The viewer will see whatever their eyes choose to show them – whether they want to or not!

“Audiovisual duo Lloyd Barrett and Joe Musgrove have conspired here together for a dreamy piece of psychedelic wallpaper. Still images almost smudge into each other, into vague almost perceptible blurs of colour that gently fragment and burst into another ill-defined image just before you think you’re staring to get a handle on what you’re seeing. All the images are still, garnered from the internet then processed and abstracted into the aforementioned blurs. The illusion of movement comes from the camera slowly sweeping in a different direction across each image, the superimposing of one image over another. The semi improvised music begins dreamy and ethereal, offering little more the a spaced out bed for the images, thought things becomes a bit more erratic about fifteen minutes in, moving away the sweeping washes of ambience, which although it works is a bit like shooting fish in a barrel. It’s when they begin utilising high-pitched drones, heavy reverberant delays, increasingly textural tools and providing plenty of space to the compositions that the relationship between the audio and vision seems to change and become more interrelated. Whether this is intentional or even necessary is another matter, this ever-evolving montage of colour and lethargic movement is impossible not to get caught up in. Thanks God it only goes for 40 mins, otherwise you could lose yourself for days.” – Cyclic Defrost

Additional short films on the DVD:
“The Drift Project” – sound and video by Lloyd Barrett.
“Awash With Even” – sound and video by Hydatid (David Loose).
“ego is ether of cantabrigian the 93537829 in immodest to salubrious” – sound and video by Botborg.
“With Doors Open” – sound by Scott Sinclair, Clinton Green, Joe Musgrove – video by Joe Musgrove.

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