Joe Musgrove “Patterns of Abundance” CD




New album of refined ambient soundscapes from Brisbane’s Joe Musgrove (Diaspora, Biffplex).

Although it was finished in April 2020, this is not another “lockdown album”, which I think we’ve all heard more than enough of. This album came together over a couple years, and though I say it myself, is the best thing I’ve ever done solo. Lushly harmonic and gently rhythmic synth structures are situated in impossible places (underwater cafes and rainforest shopping malls) then reflected through cascading delays. Heavily indebted to the longform ambient music of the early 90’s, especially the work of Tetsu Inoue and Paul Schutze, and designed to be heard in one uninterrupted sitting – if you can find the time.

Glass-mastered CD housed in 4 panel colour digipak.