Crewdson/Farrar/Longmore – “Live at Blindside” cassette

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Blindside is one of the oldest artist run spaces in Melbourne.
From June to July 2018, I exhibited several acoustic sound sculptures in the main gallery space as part of the Sound Series program jointly sponsored by Blindside, Liquid Architecture (Melb) and the Audio Foundation (Auck, NZ). I also performed in the space from 4-5pm on each day of the exhibition I was in Melbourne. For my final performance I was joined by Peter Farrar (Sydney) and Sam Longmore (Auck).
In my work and performances I tried to be as sensitive as possible to the particular spirit of the place and in Melbourne specifically to the stolen haunted Aboriginal land the city is built upon and forever tries to erase. It was in this final performance recorded here that I felt most strongly connected to that spirit of the ground beneath us – thanks to the artistry and deep sensitivity of my two collaborators, Peter and Sam. – Gerard Crewdson

Limited edition of 100.