Arek Gulbenkoglu “A Gift Like A Hollow Vessel” LP




Following on from 2017’s “Three Days Afterward”, Gulbenkoglu’s new album sees a sharper scalpel at play resulting in a more nuanced release which unfolds a curious journey of suburban psychedelia. Material sourced from voice and body sounds, recording of non-musical processes, actions and events, breath, tapes of animal sounds slowed and sped up, processed field recordings, electronics, percussion, tape delay, sample of old folkways records and Esperanto text to voice translations. “A Gift Like A Hollow Vessel” is striking and intimate musique concrete. A work of confounding beauty as created by one of the most unique voices operating in orbit of psychedelic music as it appears today. Limited edition of 250.

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Weight .25 kg
Dimensions 31 × 31 × .05 cm