Various Artists “MIFEM Compilations” 2CD



A double CD compilation produced in conjunction with an improvisation festival associated with Make It Up Club in 2004. Featuring live collaborations between a wealth of mostly-Australian improvisors, including Robin Fox, Robbie Avenaim, Cor Fuhler, Tom Fryer, Jim Denly, Dur-e Dara, Belinda Woods, Tony Buck, Dave Brown, Chris Abrahams, Steve Heather, Philip Samartzis, Cat Hope, Rod Cooper, Eamon Sprod, Joel Stern, Jeff Henderson, Clayton Thomas, Clare Cooper, Oren Ambarchi, Anthony Pateras, Sean Baxter, Camilla Hannan, Matt Earle, Arek Gulbenkoglu, Ren Walters, Kris Wanders, Tim O’Dwyer and more.